Located in Central Arkansas


Tract Location Acres
Tract 13 St. Vincent Way at Chenal Parkway 6.0
Tract 300 Rahling Road and Kirk Road 6.9
Tract 1 Northeast Corner Chenal Parkway and Rahling Road. 37.0
Tract 4 Rahling Road across from The Promenade at Chenal 11.8
Tract 5 St. Vincent Way adjacent to The Promenade at Chenal 10.0
Tract 134a Chenonceau Boulevard off Hwy 10 5.0
Tract 77 Chenal Valley and St. Vincent Way 8.1
Tract 14a Rahling Road at Kanis 8.0
Tract 14 Rahling Road and Champagnoile Drive 14.4